How a good quality teacher can influence the students positively in some ways

When a teacher has a lot of good qualities, it is very obvious that such a teacher will be capable to influence the Students in a lot of proper ways. But what are the ways to determine a good quality teacher or what are the characteristics of a good quality teacher? There are many undisputable ways to ascertain a good quality teacher which will also be discussed in this article. The fact that a teacher has honourable attributes is different from being competent. Although, competence is also one of the characteristics of a good quality teacher. A competent teacher will inculcate an excellent level of education in the students. But in this article, I’m not going to stress anything about competence.

If that is the case, let’s quickly discuss the qualities of a good educator, and how those good qualities can positively influence the students.

Below are the characteristics of a good quality teacher, and how they can influence the students in many positive ways;

1 Good quality teacher will have the capability to develop relationships with their students by improving relationships with students, teachers have important, positive, and long-lasting implications for both the academic and social development of students. But how does this quality can influence the students? Let’s see how, When a teacher has this quality it will help the students in many ways, If any student used to feel shy before in the class such a student is likely to emulate his teacher’s behaviour by interacting, relate, and mingle with the other colleagues as a result of how his teacher normally does.

Also, it will enable the students to show greater engagement in learning, conduct better in the classroom, and achieve academically at a higher level. The most frequent response is that a good quality teacher should develop relationships with students. 

2. Devotion to educating: Devotion refers to a love of teaching or passion for the work, which includes commitment to student’s success, and achievement. A good quality teacher is expected to be dedicated to educating the students without any hindrance, this quality will enable the teacher to figure out a lot of things about each student like their weaknesses, background, and other relevant information about them. By knowing all these, such a devoted teacher will try all his best possible to make sure that he renders a piece of appropriate advice to each student that needs it about how he studied them.

A student can gain from a teacher with this quality in a way that such a student will be able to overcome any difficulty or challenges in life as a result of how he/she was trained by his teacher.

 3. A teacher should be a Good communicator. A teacher has to be a good communicator, He/she shouldn’t find it hard to stand in front of a class and teach with confidence. This means that a good quality teacher will demonstrate boldness and have the courage to stand, and dramatize in front of the students for learning purposes. These attributes will enable such a teacher to gain a lot of respect from the students and make sure that they learn from the best.

As a result of this, the students are likely to emulate the teacher’s style of communication. Which will have a great impact on such students.

4. A good quality teacher will always formulate a scheme about the topic he/she wants to teach.  A good quality teacher will elucidate key points and vital context, to help students integrate all of their work for the subject. He will choose the most important concepts and show how they are related. Explain ideas so students will be able to build additional comprehension they have already mastered, it may be from the previous subject or current one. A teacher with good quality will keep long-term goals in mind, pace himself so that he won’t run out of time in the end.

This quality will have a better impact on the students by enabling them to comprehend and conceive any subject better. 

5. Effective teachers should be able to expound complex ideas in simple ways and do a lot of research on a topic he wants to teach the students. An good quality teacher will make sure that any topic he wants to teach his students will not seem incoherent to them. Such a teacher with good quality will teach them effectively by using a series of methods of explanation like a reference to a certain story, diagrams, infographics, and other techniques for teaching aids.

Moreover, by implementing this method in teaching the students. Not only comprehension this method will enable, but also the level of exposure for the students will be increasing gradually.

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