Do Law Students go for NYSC [FULL-INFO]

Do Law Students go for NYSC

Do law students go for NYSC (all you need to know)? Wondering if law students go to the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC)? I will answer your question briefly in this short article.

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I’m sure you are aware that Law students will spend first 5 years are spent in accredited university in Nigeria, the remaining 2 years are spent in Nigerian law schools and NYSC.

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Do Law Students Go for NYSC (Everything You Need to Know)

Do law students go to NYSC?
The answer is yes

NYSC is a compulsory one-year graduate programme in Nigeria. I’m sure you have now known that Law students will go for NYSC.

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I’m confident that this article has solved all questions regarding Do Law Students go for NYSC in Nigeria.

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