Does LASPOTECH accept second choice in JAMB? This question has been one of the most trending topics out there among the LASPOTECH candidates. Sure, it should be. All candidates are too anxious to get an answer to the question. However, on this page we will answer these search queries “does LASPOTECH accept 2nd choice during JAMB registration, will LASPOTECH offer me admission if I choose them as second choice, does LASPOTECH accept second choice candidate, does LASPOTECH accept second choice in jamb, and other related questions.  And that is exactly the reason why this content is published. This article will give all you need to know about the Lagos State Polytechnic and their second choice policy in terms of admission. 


You will learn the appropriate answer to the question of whether LASPOTECH accepts second choice after reading this article. This accurate information was obtained from the official school portal.

Consider this post to be very important because it contains all the information you require on whether the Lagos State Polytechnic accepts second choices in JAMB.

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Why is LASPOTECH not accepting Second Choice candidates?

As a prestigious and highly competitive University, they will not consider any candidate who placed them in a second choice institution in JAMB. This means that LASPOTECH will not consider you for admission simply because you do not give them high priority in your JAMB form. You can only be considered if you select LASPOTECH as first choice institution, as this demonstrates that you prioritize LASPOTECH more than other Institutions. 

In addition, not only LASPOTECH does not accept candidates who placed them in second choice in JAMB. The majority of well-known and reputable universities continue this practice. Many people believe that they do this to guarantee that each year, only the top candidates are admitted. Numerous universities in Nigeria reject second-choice applicants because they wish to appear more prestigious to the general public. Everyone will believe that the university is highly competitive and superior to other universities in Nigeria if it doesn’t admit second-choice candidates. As a result, many institutions make the assumption that applicants who do not select them as their first choice during JAMB registration are not prepared for admission.

Let’s go back and address the query that facilitated this post, which is;

DOES LASPOTECH Accept Second Choice?


The Lagos State Polytechnic (LASPOTECH) does not admit candidates who select them as second choice institution in JAMB form. This implies that you will not be considered for admission to LASPOTECH if you pick it as a second University when registering for JAMB UTME. 

This further means that if you apply to LASPOTECH as your second option, regardless of your JAMB Score (Be it 390 or higher), they will not accept you for admission. You must use LASPOTECH as first choice for you to be accepted or considered for admission.

Therefore, if the institution is already your second option, you must apply for a JAMB change of institution form.

DOES LASPOTECH Accept Third Choice?


Candidates who choose the Lagos State Polytechnic (LASPOTECH) as their third choice university on the JAMB form are not admitted. This implies that if you select LASPOTECH as a third university when registering for the JAMB UTME, you will not be given consideration for admission.

This further suggests that LASPOTECH, your third choice, will not accept you for admission regardless of your JAMB score (be it 390 or higher). If you want to be accepted or given consideration for admission, you must first choose LASPOTECH.

Wrapping Up DOES LASPOTECH Accept Second Choice

I’m confident that this content has satisfied your search intent regarding selection of Lagos State Polytechnic as second choice institution. If you still have any question based on whether LASPOTECH accepts candidates who choose them as second or third choice in  JAMB, feel free to drop your question in the comment section.

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