Indiscipline in Secondary school in Nigeria, and how the Students exhibit the behavior

The rate at which indiscipline is aggravating in the country is not encouraging at all, most especially in our schools. To shed more light on it that is why this article is written. It is to expose the act of indiscipline in the secondary schools in Nigeria so that indiscipline would be eradicated in our schools.

Indiscipline has been the root of various issues in schools this time around.

School is the issue of laziness. Most of the students are lazy, even extremely lazy. They are lazy to the extent that they can’t study for so long, they get bored and want to play. This conduct of course is why they lack facts that are necessary of them in a test or examination. Since they didn’t prepare for the exam, they often resort to examination malpractices.

The issue of lateness to the school, when a student is lazy is very certain that such a student will never get to the school on time as a result of a lot activities they have involved in, like watching of movies at night, playing of games with their mobile phones, and all sort of entertaining activities. And the school rule forbids lateness which is why lateness is also indiscipline. There are many reasons why a student may go to school late which are;

  1. Some students are living a very far distance from the school.

  2. Some students just dislike staying on the assembly ground for no reason.

  3. Also, some students will not put on their socks and they know it can lead to punishment on the assembly ground. So, that will trigger them into hiding somewhere till assembly ends.

Secondary school students in Nigeria do normally wear uniforms. and most of the uniforms are supplied by the school, but when there’s the need to sew another one by the students, all they do is to take to their Tailor to sew it for them with different form styles pattern that is not approved by the school. There you will see a mini-skirt, slim-fitted shirt, penciled trousers, and other forms of indiscipline exhibited by the students.

Also, they no longer put on the normal sandals students are expected to wear. They have cultivated the habit of wearing designer slippers to schools. In that case, they won’t want to get caught so the majority of them will not enter the school premises.

Another notable problem of indiscipline in schools is the eat-and-drop habit of the students. It is pertinent to note that most students nowadays are gluttons i.e they eat at every second in the school and drop the wrappers of what they eat anywhere -along the road, in their classrooms, thereby making the school compound dirty all the time despite the rules that forbid that habit. Some students will even sneak out of the school to go to the cafeteria, and they may hang there till closing time. This habit is very rampant in secondary schools in Nigeria, some students will lie to their parents for the sake of collecting money from them.

It has also been confirmed that the majority of the students in secondary school are having a relationship with themselves. Like Boys and Girls dating themselves on the school campus. This act is forbidden in Nigerian schools that is why it is also a form of indiscipline if the students are practicing it. When two classmates are dating themselves in school, how is it possible for them to concentrate on their studies? And the chance is too good that the act will later lead to early pregnancy for the girl.

Moreover, it is very common among the students nowadays in Nigeria to be calling their teachers a series of bad names. This is also a form of indiscipline and it is not proper for the students to be mocking their teachers in any way.

All the conducts highlighted above to determine what is known as indiscipline because they are against school rules and regulations. Anything that opposes the school rules and regulations is an act of indiscipline and so since these problems are common in schools now, any student involved in them is an undisciplined student.

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