NYSC Orientation Camp 2023 [All You Need To Know]

Nysc Orientation Camp: This page is all about a very informative content regarding NYSC Camp, you will get to read about the what you’ll need at the NYSC Camp, Registration Instructions, Accommodation in NYSC camp, Mode of dressing in the Camp, Activities in the Camp, Rules, and other necessary information.

NYSC Orientation Camp [All You Need To Know]
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Each corps member must pass through the four branches of the National Youth Service Corps. The NYSC Orientation Camp Experience is the first and most exciting experience for a Corps member. Some say it’s stressful but fun. Here’s everything about the NYSC Camp:

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All about NYSC Camp

After graduates have been mobilized, received their call-up letter and are given a specific date for the NYSC orientation camp, they are entitled to show up at the camp and register three or four days after the start of the orientation camp. After the time limit, no prospective corps members will be accepted into the camp. Therefore, the person remains a “prospective” member of the corps. Therefore, it is important that you arrive at the camp early enough to complete your registration on time. NYSC Camp is also important to fulfill the purpose of orientation camp.


Actions required for successful enlistment and camp experience must be completed by NYSC authorities prior to the arrival of a Corps member. Various registration points must have been set up to guide you through the various stages of enlistment and during that time Corps members are expected to communicate with the enlistment officer and be patient with the process. The NYSC staff is there to guide you on anything you may not understand and to educate you. So if you are confused about something, feel free to ask them any questions you want to ask.

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Check out what you’ll need at the NYSC Camp

Think of the NYSC orientation camp as a small town because there are all the facilities you need. If you need to buy something, visit the mini market. If things change a little in terms of health, there is a clinic you can visit. Accommodation, bedding/mattresses, food, water and equipment for corps members will be provided. And apart from that, this facility is also available for use by employees.

Registration Instructions for NYSC Camp

During the registration process, the registration staff will ask you for the following documents:

  1. Your call-up letter (please do not laminate this document)
  2. Your last institutions ID card
  3. Original certificates/statement of result

When the above mentioned document has been screened, the following will be given to you:

  • State code number (just for you and not to be shared)
  • A meal ticket (or meal card)
  • A file in which you can put all your credentials
  • Registration of your name in what is referred to as the “Book Of Life”
  • The NYSC officials will supervise you in filling of the series of NYSC forms.

It is very important that you read every instruction on any form, brochure, or handout given to you before filling it. This is not a product privacy policy that you should accept. When filling out your form, we recommend using capital letters for legibility and to ensure that the information you provide on your form is accurate and inconsistent. All addresses provided must contain house numbers, street names, place names and, if applicable, postal codes.

Also, try to show a level of maturity and independence by waiting your turn to get something. What I’m saying is basically a queue, please don’t fight for anything.

About meal tickets

As soon as you exit the checkpoint, you will be given a meal ticket. With this ticket you can only eat during your stay at the orienteering camp, not outside. Take care, because you will not be allowed to eat from the camp if your meal ticket gets missing, nor can you eat it from other people, as this card is non-transferable and non-exchangeable.

About accommodation in NYSC Orientation camp

Each corps member receives a mattress and place after registration, so it is necessary to arrive on time. No one may use two mattresses or transfer the mattress to another room or use up to two beds. In addition, due to the risks associated with your valuables, it is not permitted to call room service. Every room and rest area (toilet) should be kept as clean as possible.

About Orienteering Broadcasting Services (OBS)

This is a service that spreads information throughout the camp. This improves the quick and easy flow of information and the service is managed by the Public Relations Committee. Corps members who have skills or who are fond of technology and broadcasting are selected to join the OBS committee.

About the religious activities at the
NYSC orientation camp

Religious activities in the camp were carried out according to the instructions contained in the charter. For this reason, the NYSC recognizes Sunday as a Christian worship and Friday as a Muslim and nothing more. This makes it clear that apart from the activities at the camp, there are no other programs in the foreground at the orientation camp.

Language studies/ lectures

The lectures at the NYSC orientation camp aim to equip corps members with sufficient knowledge necessary for the upcoming assignments and are therefore mandatory. Making time for some lectures is never a waste of time because lectures are always enriched with necessary information.

In addition to lectures, language training sessions are organized to equip corps members with the basics of the host country’s language and improve their communication with residents after the orientation camp course.

NYSC Orientation camp

About discipline/safety in NYSC Orientation Camp

Discipline is priority, hence the presence of the military in the camp. Therefore, every member of the corps must behave as best they can, and by that we mean following the rules. Any corps member who breaks the rules and gets caught will be punished according to the decision of the orienteering camp court. Nothing should be done without appropriate approval from the relevant authorities. In addition, everyone is expected to maintain security and report suspicious actions or movements to the police or camp staff.

The most important thing is that corps members should strive to be adequately equipped as much as possible, for example, aiming for parade-to-parade equipment and for other programs for such programs.

About medical Services in NYSC Orientation Camp

All medical cases are handled by the camp clinic, which operates 24 hours a day during orientation exercises, and all treatment is provided free of charge. This clinic is run by professional doctors.

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Accounts Department/Corps Allowances

Accounting handles copper allowances. Assistance provided at the camp includes:

Travel allowance (paid on arrival at camp)
Local transportation, also called bicycle flat fare
MONTHLY ALLOWANCE: This is the last benefit Corps members receive at the end of their orientation course.
Corps members will continue to receive a monthly allowance after NYSC orientation camp, but will be granted with proper approval by their employer at the end of each month and permits are issued. Any corps member who is not cleared will have to forfeit his allowance for that month.

Kitting/Mode of Dressing of the NYSC Orientation Camp

Public Relations Officers issue a NYSC badge to each Corps member upon completion of their enlistment upon arrival at NYSC orientation camp. This card is valid and non-transferable. NYSC store clerks also give NYSC kit items to Corps members. The elements of the set can only be worn by registered members of the Hull and these items are:

  • Plain vests
  • 1 Youth Corps cap
  • 1 Khaki shirt and a trouser
  • 1 Youth Corps belt
  • 1 pair of jungle boots
  • 2 P.E. shorts
  • 1 vest with NYSC emblem
  • 1 pair of white canvas shoes
  • 2 pairs of stockings

Once the kit has been handed over, all mode of dressing must be worn appropriately to facilitate identification of corps members and outsiders for safety purposes.

Camp Activities

Activities at the NYSC orientation camp are conducted with discipline of time and rules and each corps member is expected to maintain a smooth and successful experience at the orientation camp. Some of the activities are:

  • Parade/military exercise
  • Man O War Activities
  • studying
  • Social activities
  • Endurance trek

As already mentioned, NYSC orientation camp work by many rules, some of which are:

  1. Cultism is prohibited in the camps.
  2. Drug addiction has no place in camps
  3. Theft is an abomination in the camp. Don’t try.
  4. Riots / demonstrations and the like do not belong to paramilitary formations.
  5. Group gatherings are not allowed in the camp.
  6. Rape is a serious crime against humanity.
  7. Fighting in the camp will result in severe punishment.
  8. Receiving double rations of food requires you to pay an additional fee.
  9. Insolent and reckless talk will be severely punished.
  10. Make sure you participate in all camp activities.
  11. Avoid spreading rumors, always seek information in the right environment.
  12. Be careful with your spending. Remember that you will establish yourself for your main task.
  13. Smoking/chewing gum is not allowed in the parade
  14. Always observe the lights-out instruction
  15. Discipline is NYSC’s slogan
  16. All activities in the NYSC orientation camp program are designed for your well-being; so obey.

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