ABU Zaria Post UTME Form 2024/2025 [How to apply]

abu zaria post utme

ABU Zaria Post Utme 2024/2025: Ahmadu Bello University Post UTME screening form is what all this page about. Also, you will get to read about the Requirements, Eligibility, Application method, Application portal, and additional Information about ABU Post UTME form for the 2024/2025 academic session.

This is to inform the general public that the Abu Zaria Post UTME form for the 2024/2025 academic session has not been released. This post will walk you through when the form is being released.

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ABU Zaria Post UTME Form 2024/2025

Follow this update until the end to see all information on the 2024/2025 Ahmadu Bello University Admissions Process released by the School Management Board and the New Student Admissions Council for the 2024/2025 Session/Academic Year.

The ABU Zaria Post UTME form 2024/2025 has been published. Application date, deadline, deadline, admission requirements, application form price and how to apply.

ABU Zaria Cut Off Mark 2024/2025 is essential to know

Is the ABU Post UTME form out for 2024?

The Ahmadu Bello University Post UTME 2024 form has not yet been published. See the registration start date in the ABU UTME post below.

When is ABU post utme 2024 starting?

Registration for admission to ABU Zaria University 2024 is not. The abu zaria post utme date will be updated here as soon as the school announces it.

ABU Zaria post UTME 2024/2025

In the meantime, in the next step below, please refer to the registration requirements for ABU Zaria Post UTME admission including cut-off mark, application instructions and registration fee as well as link to ABU Zaria Post UTME application portal.

How much is ABU Post UTME form for 2024?

Ahmadu Bello University post UTME form for 2024 is only two thousand naira (N2,000). This fee is non-refundable once paid and payment is made online upon registration by following the steps below.

How to apply for ABU Zaria post utme 2024

Follow the registration steps below to apply for the ABU Zaria 2024 Post UTME exercise on the ABU Zaria Post UTME application portal.

Requirements for ABU zaria post utme 2024/2025

Only applicants who meet the requirements required for admission to ABU Zaria and the eligibility listed below will be considered for admission.

Note: Applicants must meet several requirements (eg Cut off mark) before they can even apply for ABU zaria post utme. Any applicants who do not meet the requirements below do not need to apply to avoid being automatically disqualified.

Eligibility for ABU post-utme form 2024/2025

  1. All applicants must be 16 years of age or above.
  2. Filling in the wrong and inconsistent bio-data like name, L.G.A, State, etc will attract automatic disqualification.
  3. Candidates who didn’t take part in the 2024 jamb exam will not be allowed to apply.
  4. Cases of awaiting result may not be attended to.
  5. Late registration might attract a penalty fee.
abu zaria post utme

Requirements for ABU Post utme form 2024/2025

  1. Jamb score of 180.
  2. A level result (for direct entry candidates)
  3. O’level result with not less than credit pass in five subjects including English, maths and.your 3 related subjects
  4. Recent passport photograph
  5. 2,000 Application fee (to be paid during registration)

Additional information about ABU post utme 2024/2025


  • Candidates who are not present on the exam day will not be accepted.
  • When you come to Ahmadu Bello University ABU screening venue, come with your confirmation slip or print out your Post UTME form
  • Don’t come with your parents on exam day.
  • Don’t bring cellphones, gadgets, etc. other than the exam
  • You can use a calculator.
  • Be sure to photocopy all documents and save them for future reference.

FAQs about Ahmadu Bello University Post UTME Application Form 2024/2025

Now, let’s check out some frequently asked questions regarding ABU application form below;

What is the ABU Post UTME Form?

Think of the ABU Post UTME form as your invitation to the party that is the Ahmadu Bello University. It’s the first step in letting the University know, “Hey, I’m interested, and I’m ready to be part of the adventure.” It’s an essential form you need to fill out if you’re dreaming of becoming a student at ABU.

When is the ABU Post UTME Form Usually Available?

Just like waiting for the gates to open at a concert, there’s a particular time when the ABU Post UTME forms become available. Usually, it’s a few months after the UTME results are released. However, the exact timing might change a bit every year. So, keep an eye on the official ABU website to stay in the loop.

Where Can I Obtain the Ahmadu Bello University Post UTME Application Form?

You can get the ABU Post UTME form online, straight from the official ABU website. It’s like the trustworthy source, the real deal – no chance of getting scammed or running into any false information.

How Do I Fill Out the ABU Post UTME Form?

Filling out the ABU Post UTME form is like taking a trip through your academic and personal life. You’ll need to log into the admissions portal on the official ABU website and then follow the prompts, adding in your personal details, academic records, and of course, the course you’re keen on studying.

What is the cost of the Ahmadu Bello University Post UTME Screening Form?

Yes, getting the ABU Post UTME form does come with a price tag, but the exact cost can change each year. The cost of the ABU post-UTME form is ₦2000.

What Happens After I Submit the ABU Post UTME Form?

After you’ve sent in your ABU Post UTME form, it’s like waiting for the results after a talent show audition. The university will go through your application, and then there’s the Post UTME screening test to take. If everything goes well and your scores are up to the mark, you could be on your way to getting a seat at ABU!

Can I Edit the ABU Post UTME Form After Submission?

Once you hit the submit button on your ABU Post UTME form, it’s pretty much set in stone. You can’t make edits, so it’s super important to make sure everything is spot-on before you send it off.

What Should I Do if I Encounter Problems While Filling the Ahmadu Bello University Post UTME Screening Form?

No worries if you encounter problems while filling out your form. The Ahmadu Bello University has a friendly admissions team that can help guide you through it. So, don’t hesitate to reach out to them for help.

Remember, while we’ve covered a lot here, if you’re ever in doubt or need the latest information, the official Ahmadu Bello University website should be your go-to place.

However, don’t hesitate to drop your questions in the comments section about ABU post UTME form. We will answer you ASAP.

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