Covenant university Cut Off Mark for 2024/2025 [ALL COURSES]

Covenant university Cut Off Mark

Covenant university Cut Off Mark for 2024, courses offered at Covenant university. This is to inform all applicants applying to Covenant University Institutions as first choice for the Post-Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination (PUTME) in JAMB UTME for 2024/2025 academic session.

Are you looking for Covenant university Cut Off Mark for 2024? Actually, you’ve come to the right place because this article is mainly about the post.

However, candidates are eligible to apply to one of the courses of their choice when applying for Covenant University post Utme form.

What is the cut off mark for Covenant University

The Cut off mark for Covenant University is 180.

Below, I’ve listed all the courses offered at Covenant university, as well as Covenant University cut off mark for 2024/2025 in tabular form so that they can be well understood by first time applicants and applicants who have tried JAMB in the past.

What is the Covenant University JAMB Cut Off Mark for all courses 2024/2025

Covenant University JAMB Cut Off Mark for all courses offered at the institution has been released as per the JAMB guidelines by school authorities. The cut off mark is 180.

Before Covenant management and school boards set a cut off mark, it has to correspond to a JAMB recognized cut off mark for that year academic session. 

JAMB does not set the Covenant university cut off mark, but they (JAMB) set a fixed cut off mark for admission of each academic session, under which no institution is allowed to violate.

In this 2024/2025 academic session, JAMB sets the overall cut off mark all universities (federal, public and private universities in Nigeria) at 160.

However, universities are free to set a minimum cut off for admission to 160 and higher. For example, the maximum cut off mark for Covenant university is 180. 

This means that applicants registering at Covenant as their institution of choice must have at least 180 mark or more to be eligible to purchase the post UTME form and apply to apply for admission to the chosen course of study. 

Covenant university Cut Off Mark

It is JAMB’s obligation to arrange and accept eligible candidates who meet the Cut off marks and have passed the post-UTME screening test.

Have you checked out Covenant University school fees 2024/2025

COVENANT University Cut Off Mark For All Courses 2024/2025 Session

College of Engineering
Chemical Engineering180 and above
Petroleum Engineering180 and above
Electrical & Information Engineering (EIE)180 and above
Civil Engineering180 and above
Mechanical Engineering180 and above
College of Leadership and Development Studies
Leadership Studies180 and above
Languages and General Studies180 and above
Psychology180 and above
Political Science & International Relations180 and above
College of Management and Social Sciences
Accounting180 and above
Banking and Finance180 and above
Business Management180 and above
Economics and Development Studies180 and above
Mass Communication180 and above
Sociology,180 and above
College of Science and Technology
Physics180 and above
Building Technology180 and above
Chemistry180 and above
Mathematics180 and above
Biochemistry180 and above
Computer & Information Sciences180 and above
Architecture180 and above
Estate Management180 and above
Biological Sciences180 and above

mark next time around.

FAQS about Covenant university Cut Off Mark

Does the cut-off mark change every year?

Yes, it can. Depending on the factors we just mentioned (like applicant performance and course popularity), the cut-off mark may change from one academic year to the next.

Is the cut-off mark the same for all courses at CU? 

Nope! Each department at CU has its own cut-off mark, based on the factors we discussed earlier. So, the cut-off mark for Medicine might be different from the one for Sociology, for example.

I scored just below the cut-off mark. Do I still have a chance of getting in? 

While the cut-off mark is a crucial part of the admission process, it’s not the only thing that CU looks at. Factors like your O’level results and performance in the post-UTME can also come into play. So don’t lose hope just yet!

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That is all about Covenant university Cut Off Mark for 2024/2025, if you have questions concerning this post drop it below.

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  1. My daughter got 212 in JAMB and she wants to study computer science and she chooses covenant as first choice, hope 212 can gain her admission?

  2. My son score 246 in recent Jamb
    And he want study mechanical engineering
    Hope the university will give admissions on this particular course

  3. Please do you people offer software engineering, he got 295 hope it’s good to go

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  9. Hi,
    My daughter got 220 for medicine in covenant University…

    Learnt covenant was working on having medicine amongst their courses..

    Is it now available?

    Thank you

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  16. Esther
    October 21 2023

    What year is Covenant University Starting to do Medicine and Surgery,
    I really want Covenant,
    Am entering Next year 2024

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    But now I realise that with God all things are possible.
    So can I still get admission to study any course that they give to me
    Untill I rewrite JAMB
    Thanks for granting my request
    God bless you

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