UI Post UTME Form 2023 [How to apply]

UI Post UTME Form 2024/2025: The quest for quality tertiary education often leads many young, eager minds to the prestigious gates of the University of Ibadan (UI). Known for its impressive academic programs and culture of excellence, UI stands as a beacon of intellectual stimulation for students across Nigeria and beyond. But before you can take your place amidst this vibrant community of learners, there is one crucial step to be taken – passing the UI Post UTME form. This blog post will guide you through the essential details and provide you with the insights you need about the UI Post UTME form.

The Post-UTME form, an integral part of your admission journey into the University of Ibadan, is not just another form to be filled out. It is a stepping stone towards your future, a testament to your readiness to embrace the academic rigour and opportunities that UI has to offer.

Throughout the upcoming sections of this blog, we’ll delve into the nitty-gritty of the UI Post UTME form. We’ll uncover what it entails, how you can obtain it, the step-by-step process to fill it out, and what to expect after you’ve submitted it. Whether you’re aiming to explore the complex realms of medicine and surgery, dive into the creative world of English and Literary Studies, or decode the intricate dynamics of Economics, understanding the UI Post UTME form is a crucial starting point.

To continue, this post aims to be your trusty guide, a handy companion on your journey toward gaining admission to UI. We understand that the process can seem daunting, and the form might appear complicated. However, with the right guidance and understanding, it becomes a much simpler task, a hurdle you can comfortably overcome.

So, let’s embark on this exciting journey together, demystifying the UI Post UTME form one step at a time. Because after all, in the pursuit of higher education, every form filled, every examination taken, is a stepping stone towards your dream. And the UI Post UTME form? That’s your ticket to the academic feast that the University of Ibadan has in store. So, let’s get started on this voyage of discovery right now, right here!

UI Post UTME Form 2022

Before you apply for UI post UTME form 2023, have you go through the UI school fees for freshers 2024/2025

Also, cut off mark is very essential. Check out the UI Cut Off Mark 2024/2025 [JAMB & DEPARTMENTAL]

Applicants who have made the University of Ibadan (UI) their first institution of choice and have received 200 or more marks in UTME for the year 2023 are hereby notified that the UI Post Utme form has not yet been issued.

UI UTME post form 2023

Note: The deadline for submitting O/ level biological data cannot be extended. Therefore, applicants whose biological data are not provided within the stipulated time limit will not be considered for post-UTME screening and admission.

Applicants with suitable qualifications for admission to the University of Ibadan (UI) DEGREE program for the 2024/2025 academic session apply.

The university website is opened online for the presentation of biological data and SSCE/NECO results from Monday 7 September 2020 to Friday 16 October 2020.

The deadline for submitting biological data/O-level results/cannot be extended. Therefore, applicants whose biological data are not submitted within the stipulated time limit will not be considered for UI post UTME form and admission at the University of Ibadan (UI).

Eligibility for UI Post UTME form 2023

Applicants who have chosen the University of Ibadan (UI), Ibadan as their first choice institution in the last UTME and reached the 200 cut-off mark in JAMB 2023.

UI Post UTME Screening Exercise Schedule

The date for UI post UTME screening exercise form will be communicated to candidates via their email address and SMS. Therefore, applicants are encouraged to provide a valid and active email address and telephone number. The University is not responsible for failure to receive information due to invalid email addresses and working phone numbers.

How to apply for UI Post UTME form 2024/2025

You have to follow the below procedure to register for the UI post UTME form 2023

Applicants must enter the admissions portal (https://www.admissions.ui.edu.ng) using their Jamb registration number as username and their last name as password e.g. 92345421EG KOWODE (surname) Chineke, Ali. A screening fee of N2,000.00 must be paid through the ADMISSION PORTAL in the favor of University of Ibadan (Admission Processing Fee Account). Applicant’s name, JAMB registration number, telephone number, and email address must be stated at the time of payment.

Payment Options for UI Post UTME Form 2024/2025

  • Credit/Debit Card Payment using ATM card
  • Cash at bank using the print-out from the portal to make payment at the bank
  • Direct bank account debit whereby you use your internet banking tools to make payment.
  • Applicants are expected to print a successful payment receipt which must include the applicant’s full name (especially SURNAME) as on the UTME result slip preceded by the JAMB Registration number, as the payee and the payment reference number showing the success message.
  • After successful payment, applicants must enter the portal after TWO (2) WEEKS to print their biological data.
  • Applicants should ensure the online form is filled out carefully and follow ALL required instructions as “mistakes” may result in disqualification.
  • Please fill out the online form in CAPITALIZED LETTERS only.
  • Applicants are expected to upload their passport photo and signature. Image format for passport and signature is JPEG and must not exceed 50 kb. Photos must be clean and clear, without glasses and without a hat/tie.
  • The applicant must then print and retain proof of transaction completion for future reference. An online helpdesk platform at http://www.admissions.ui.edu.ng/helpdesk will be available to handle all genuine inquiries.

Misleading/falsifying documents is a serious crime. Therefore, applicants are advised to submit only original documents. Anyone found guilty of this crime will be automatically disqualified and handed over to law enforcement if necessary.

UI Post UTME Form 2024/2025

Additional Information about UI post utme screening form 2024/2025

Dates for UTME screening exercise will be announced to candidates in due course. Therefore, applicants are encouraged to provide a valid and active email address and telephone number. The University is not responsible for failure to receive information due to invalid email addresses and working phone numbers.

Applicants are strongly advised to strictly adhere to the guidelines outlined above in order to successfully complete the online application.

UI Post Utme form 2023 Registration Deadline

The management of the University of Ibadan has not announced the application deadline for UI Post Utme.

If you have any questions about UI Post Utme Form 2023, please contact us via the comments section.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs) About UI Post UTME registration form 2024/2025

How do I apply for the University of Ibadan Post Utme form 2023?

Follow the steps below to apply for UI Post Utme

  1. Visit the portal of the University of Ibadan Post Utme @ https://ui.edu.ng/
  2. Enter “JAMB Registration Number” as “User Name” in the field provided.
  3. Enter the candidate’s last name as “password”.
  4. Click the Admission Portal icon
  5. Continue to pay the screening fee.
  6. Click “Admission Processing Fee Account”.
  7. Enter your details and print your Post Utme registration form.

How to avoid errors during UI Post UTME form registration 2023

  • Visit a good and reliable internet cafe near you
  • Make sure you have a good and strong network connection before you start registering
  • Make sure you confirm and provide your correct JAMB registration number
  • Make sure the photo you want to use as a PASSPORT in the UI portal is clear if needed. Avoid photos with dark backgrounds
  • Make sure you are using a working mobile number. You can use any number, it doesn’t have to be the number you used to register for JAMB
  • Select the desired training course as filled in your JAMB UTME/Course Change Form, if specified
  • Check your form and make sure there are no errors before and after submitting it.

FAQs about University of Ibadan Post UTME Application Form 2024/2025

Now, let’s check out some frequently asked questions regarding UI application form below;

What is the UI Post UTME Form?

Think of the UI Post UTME form as your invitation to the party that is the University of Ibadan. It’s the first step in letting the University know, “Hey, I’m interested, and I’m ready to be part of the adventure.” It’s an essential form you need to fill out if you’re dreaming of becoming a student at UI.

When is the UI Post UTME Form Usually Available?

Just like waiting for the gates to open at a concert, there’s a particular time when the UI Post UTME forms become available. Usually, it’s a few months after the UTME results are released. However, the exact timing might change a bit every year. So, to stay in the loop, keep an eye on the official UI website.

Where Can I Obtain the University of Ibadan Post UTME Application Form?

You can get the UI Post UTME form online, straight from the official UI website. It’s like the trustworthy source, the real deal – no chance of getting scammed or running into any false information.

How Do I Fill Out the UI Post UTME Form?

Filling out the UI Post UTME form is like taking a trip through your academic and personal life. You’ll need to log into the admissions portal on the official UI website and then follow the prompts, adding in your personal details, academic records, and of course, the course you’re keen on studying.

What is the cost of the University of Ibadan Post UTME Screening Form?

Yes, getting the UI Post UTME form does come with a price tag, but the exact cost can change each year. The cost of the UI post-UTME form is ₦2000.

What Happens After I Submit the UI Post UTME Form?

After you’ve sent in your UI Post UTME form, it’s like waiting for the results after a talent show audition. The university will go through your application, and then there’s the Post UTME screening test to take. If everything goes well and your scores are up to the mark, you could be on your way to getting a seat at UI!

Can I Edit the UI Post UTME Form After Submission?

Once you hit the submit button on your UI Post UTME form, it’s pretty much set in stone. You can’t make edits, so it’s super important to make sure everything is spot-on before you send it off.

What Should I Do if I Encounter Problems While Filling the University of Ibadan Post UTME ScreeningForm?

No worries if you encounter problems while filling out your form. The University of Ibadan has a friendly admissions team that can help guide you through it. So, don’t hesitate to reach out to them for help.

Remember, while we’ve covered a lot here if you’re ever in doubt or need the latest information, the official University of Ibadan website should be your go-to place.

All the best as learn about all you need know about UI post UTME form 2024/2025.

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