UNILORIN School Fees for Freshers 2024/2025

UNILORIN School Fees For freshers 2024/2025, How to pay UNILORIN school fees/acceptance fees how much is unilorin school fees for indigene, how much is unilorin school fees for non indigene, and Additional information.

Regarding the School fees for freshers, University of Ilorin’s Management has announced the amount that must be paid as School fees for freshers and returning students of the institution.

Students who have been admitted to UNILORIN for 2024/2025 admission programme and those who have chosen UNILORIN as their first choice of institution during JAMB Registration for the 2024/2025 academic session can continue to read this article to know how much is UNILORIN school fees for freshers/returning students.

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How Much are UNILORIN School Fees for Freshers/Returning Students 2024/2025


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This table represents the school fees for different faculties, including both freshers and returning students for the academic session of 2024/2025.

The fees are broken down into university charges and faculty charges, with totals for each category and type of student.

NOTE: The school fees for each course may change this year, this will serve as awareness of what to expect this year regarding the Unilorin school fees as fresher.

Unilorin school fees for Indigene

A lot of freshers in Unilorin are still interested in knowing the amount of school fees the indigene of Kwara State in Unilorin will pay.

But here i will clarify it to you shortly.

Unilorin school fees for indigene is same as non indigene.

Which exactly means that Unilorin does not distinguish between Indigene and Non indigene in terms of school fees.

The school fees listed below is what the Indigenous people of Kwara State and non Indigenous people of Kwara State will pay.

Unilorin school fees for Non Indigene

Non-Indigenous people of Kwara State do not have different schedule for school fees in Unilorin, they will pay the exact amount the Indigene will pay.

This means that there is no separate school fees schedule for non Indigene in Unilorin.

UNILORIN Acceptance fees 2024/2025

The acceptance/entry fee is the fee that you, as a fresher / first-year student, pay to each university.

This means that you have accepted the course and, in general, the acceptance offered to you by the school

The sum of twenty-five thousand naira (# 25,000) is the cost of UNILORIN acceptance fee for 2024/2025.

New admitted are expected to pay the fee to UNILORIN to confirm acceptance of proposed admissions.

How to pay for UNILORIN acceptance fees on school website

Carefully follow the guidelines below to pay for UNILORIN acceptance fees on school website.

1. On the University of Ilorin UNILORIN website (https://www.unilorin.edu.ng)
2. Under Portal Category click on the Undergraduate Portal link
3. Click on the Pre-Admission Screening Login link on the Portal.
4. On the page that appears, use your JAMB registration number as your login ID and your last name as
Default password, then click the login button.
5. Click the “Check Admission Status” link to confirm your eligibility status.
6. Read the STATEMENT FORM and accept or decline the entry offers for the courses you are given to study.
7. Pay the acceptance fee only for twenty five thousand naira (N25,000.00) with your ATM card in two weeks.

FAQs on UNILORIN School fees

What are the current school fees for UNILORIN Science programs?

For freshers, the fees are a combination of university and faculty charges.

The combined total for Science programs may be around ₦138,240 for freshers and ₦69,360 for returning students.

How much do Arts and Humanities students pay at UNILORIN?

Arts and Humanities students at UNILORIN will pay university and faculty charges that sum up to a total fee.

The amount is ₦133,440 for freshers and ₦63,200 for returning students.

Are there different fees for Health Sciences students at UNILORIN?

Yes, the College of Health Sciences often has different fee structures due to additional facilities and resources required.

The total for freshers is ₦254,640 and for returning students, about ₦103,560.

Is there a difference in fees between freshers and returning students?

Yes, freshers pay more due to extra charges like admission processing, matriculation, and other one-time fees. Returning students generally pay less since some of these fees are not recurrent.

Can school fees at UNILORIN be paid in installments?

No, you cannot.

If there is any question regarding UNILORIN school fees for freshers 2024/2025 school session.

Please leave your questions in the comments section below and let us know if you have any problems paying the UNILORIN school fees for the 2024/2025 school session.

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